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Anyone else get sick of cooking sometimes? I sure do, but I also like filling my body with good foods that leaving me feel great! That is why I am going to give you 5 restaurants that are my go to when I don't feel like cooking but also don't want to feel awful. Luckily, society is becoming slightly more "health conscious" and are offering a healthier side to their menus. It is slight progress, but progress none the less.

#1 Chipotle AKA ChipotBAE

Funny story I am writing this post right after eating Chipotle. This is my number one go to place when I want quick, quality, and healthy. They now offer "lifestyle" bowls which have kale, romaine, and spinach base and then you build it how you want it! I love the customization as well as the healthy options.

Here's what I order:

Lifestyle bowl

Fajita veggies


Pico de gallo salsa

A little cheese


This bowl is amazing, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

#2 Panda Express

Panda most recently has added their "Wok Smart" menu, which offers healthier options. I love that you are able to get a variety of amazing options, and are able to do the "create your own" type of thing like at Chipotle. If you haven't noticed I have a high appreciation for being able to create my own meal.

Here's what I order:

A plate

Brown rice or the mixed veggies (whatever I am feeling between the two)

Broccoli Beef

Mushroom chicken

The best part about ordering a plate, is usually I can get two meals out of it. Pandas portion sizes are pretty big. So, if I don't finish it at first I save it for the next day. Gotta love a 2 for 1!

#3 Panera Bread

Panera is one of my absolute favorite restaurants. It is definitely a little more pricey, but they have high quality and fresh foods, so I don't mind spending a little extra. I waiver between the you pick two and simply a whole salad, depends on my mood that day. But, either way you can't go wrong.

Here's what I order:

Full Green Goddess Cob salad (ask for dressing on the side)


You pick two:

1/2 Green Goddess Cobb

1/2 Bacon Turkey Bravo Sandwich

Apple as a side

#4 Jimmy Johns

I absolutely love an unwich from Jimmy John's. If you aren't sure what that it, it is a lettuce wrapped sub rather than on the normal French bread they offer. It takes a lot of calories away as well as processed carbs. If I am looking for a "normal" sandwich though, I ask for the "thick-sliced wheat." A slightly healthier option than the French bread. Also you can get a pickle with your sandwich, and I love pickles lol.

Here's what I order:

#16 Club Lulu unwich (Turkey, lettuce, and bacon)

Sub mustard for mayo

Add avocado

Add Sprouts

Add Provolone

If you don't love this sandwich I am concerned. But, to each their own. Don't knock it until you try it people.

#5 Chick-fil-a

Every time I roll through Chick-fil-a I struggle with not ordering two large fries, seven chic-fil-a sauces, and a large shake and going about my day. If we are being honest. But, while that's okay every once in a while, I have my go to healthier option.

Here's what I order:

12 Count Grilled Nuggets

Kale Crunch Salad

Fruit Cup

Zesty Buffalo Sauce

Honestly as much as I love the Chic-fil-a sauce (yes, it is liquid gold). I am not a huge fan of the empty calories, plus if I don't have fries to drown in it, then what's the point? Zesty buffalo is a very close second and gives a kick to your nuggets. I love this meal, and if I am feeling it I'll add a fry to the mix, because live your life.

So, the next time you don't feel like cooking, but also want to still feel great. Here are a great 5 options!

Happy eating ya'll!




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