KREW was officially established in 2019, but was created long before. My desire for being real with, and empowering other men and women has been a passion for years . In a society that pushes for "perfection" whether in regards to body, career, or life as a whole. I wanted to be a voice that spoke against those subjects and had an impact that was able to change a man and women's perception of themselves to a positive one.

Being an athlete in high school and then college, cultivated several insecurities. This lead to several eating disorders, a distorted view of food, and an unhealthy relationship with exercise. My constant comparing to other women, overwhelming negative thoughts about myself, and diet after diet after diet (that did NOT work), I decided enough is enough. I had mentally and physically exhausted myself, and the only way to change this was to start from within. 

I love learning about creating a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and then teaching a healthy lifestyle to other men and women. My hopes through this process is that I am able to prevent others from going through what I have, relating to everyone who have similar struggles, as well as building relationships that are healthy, real, and empowering.


I wanted to create a "KREW" of men and women that then empowered one another as well as anybody and everybody that they came in contact with. The want to change interaction between each other , judgement, body shaming, comparison, and what the word "perfection" looked like, drove me to create the "KREW."

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