15 Small Ways to Increase Movement.

Sometimes beginning a fitness journey can be intimidating. That is why "just starting" and "starting small" is the perfect way to begin! Once you achieve these small tasks you will realize you are capable of more. The mental effects that movement has on us is too important to ignore. Not only do we release endorphins and serotonin (our happy chemicals) we also can not cure but prolong degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. Movement inspires mood.

So if you are struggling with beginning, or have been down lately. JUST MOVE! I promise you, you will thank yourself. Here are 20 ways to just start. If you need higher activity workout guides, reach out and I can help!

1. Take the stairs

2.Stand while you work, instead of sitting

3. Put music on and dance around the house

4.During commercial breaks do an exercise

5.Go for a walk

6.Play with your kids instead of sitting on your phone

7.Walk around instead of sitting at your kids sporting events

8.Wash your car instead of getting it washed

9.Walk around the grocery store a few extra laps

10. Walk your golf game instead of driving the cart

11. Rake your leaves instead of mowing or blowing them

12. Do house work (I ALWAYS sweat when I vacuum lol)

13.Sit on an exercise ball instead of chair at work

14.Do 50 pushups throughout your day- 5 here, 5 there, until you get to 50

15.Go for a walk with friends instead of going out for coffee

We don't have to become a triathlon runner or a CrossFit champion to begin our journey. We simply have to make small changes that eventually add up to big results over time.

XOXO Kelse

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