5 Ways to Increase Your Energy

Do you struggle with getting through the day? Do you lack energy, motivation, and ability to get through a day? There are small adjustments that we can make in our daily routine that will lead to more energy, being able to thrive throughout our days not just survive, and ultimately increase our quality of life! Here are 5 simple adjustments you can add to your daily routine!

#1 The 3,2,1 Method

I read about this "before bed" method by Brendon Burchard, and have loved implementing it into my night routine. This helped me to get more sleep, own my night, which lead to feeling refreshed not only in the morning but ALL day and ultimately owning my day. So, the method is simple. 3 hours before bed, no FOOD! 2 hours before bed, no WORK! And 1 hour before bed, no SCREENS! This method helps you slow down, start to unwind, connect with your family or spouse, as well as help you sleep better.

#2 Daily Movement

Movement inspires mood! Let me say it again... MOVEMENT INSPIRES MOOD! Aim to move your body for 30 minutes every single day! This could be going for a walk, running, lifting weights, an at home workout, whatever works for you! When we move our bodies, we release endorphins, which then influence our positive mood. Getting into exercise or finding motivation to exercise can be difficult some days, but I promise you, you will feel better and you will thank yourself for doing it.

#3 Every 50 Minutes

I also learned this method from Brendon Burchard, and is a great tactic to avoid being burnt out, continuously reset your brain, and allow you to maintain your energy throughout your day. Here's how to do it. Get out your phone and go to the "timer." Set a timer for 50 minutes. Once you sit down to start working, press the start button on the timer. When the timer goes off, no matter what you are in the middle of working on, and even if you do not want to, GET UP! Stretch, do a quick little workout, walk around, release your stress, and then go back to work. Repeat this ALL day!

#4 Fuel Your Body

One of the worst ways we can harm our bodies is by not fueling them properly. Speaking from first hand experience when I didn't eat, or ate junk food, and simply did not take care of my nutrition was when I was at my lowest energy. I would be hangry all the time, I lacked motivation, I struggled to get through my day. When I began to focus more on my nutrition, what I was putting into my body, and actually eating! This is when I began to notice an increase in my energy, motivation, and all around feeling better throughout my whole day.

#5 Stay Hydrated

Water is a very underrated, at least it was for me for a long time... I never used to prioritize staying hydrated, in fact I think I used to drink more iced coffee than water... Yikes. But now the tides have changed! I have swapped my iced coffee addiction for a water addiction!

The recommended amount of water intake per day is half your body weight in ounces. For example, if someone weighs 160 pounds they should be drinking 80 ounces of water a day. It can be difficult to do this in the beginning but your body will thank you, and your energy levels will increase.

TIP: If you need to add some flavor because let's be honest water can be a little boring sometimes. Add in zero calorie flavoring, I use MIO.

Try out one or all five of these tips and tricks to help you feel more energized! Take care of yourself daily, make minor adjustments to make major changes.


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