Affordable At Home Gym Equipment

Alright, so the gyms are still closed, and I don't know about you but I am ready for some equipment at home. Not only is this great for the times we are in right now, but it is also great if you want to workout at home in the future. Let's be honest some days I don't want to drive to the gym, I would rather remain in the comfort of my own home and get a sweat sesh in. And some days I don't have time to go to the gym and then come home. Having a mini at home gym has a lot of different benefits, the main one being convenience!

I have put together a list of affordable and essential pieces of workout equipment that you can keep at home, without having to build a whole other room to keep them in.

#1 Jump Rope

A jump rope is a great piece because it allows you to get cardio in, get your heart rate up, works on coordination, and tones your body. I use an Everlast jump rope and it works perfect! For only $15 you can't beat it!

 <---- Click this link to shop this jump rope

#2 Kettlebell+ Dumbbells

I love a good kettlebell because you can use it for a variety of different exercises such as kettlebell swings, farmer walks, overhead lunges, sumo squats, it is a very versatile piece of equipment. Dumbbells are also a great thing to have at home. Allows you to work on your full body, whether its arms, or hamstrings, they are versatile as well. The reason I combined these two together is because I have came across an ingenious invention! This clamp attaches to your dumbbell to create a kettlebell! This way you can turn any dumbbell into a kettlebell. My mind is blown! For only $35 it is far cheaper than buying a whole set of kettlebells and then a set of dumbbells as well.

 <---- Click this link to shop this kettlebell clamp

Here is a great set of dumbbells that can then be turned into the kettlebell. You can choose your weight of dumbbells dependent on your needs.

 <---- Click this link to shop these dumbbells

#3 Workout Resistance Bands

Adding resistance to your exercises can help you tone as well as increase the intensity of your workout. I just bought these bands and I absolutely love them! They are no slip and there are 3 of them (light, medium, and heavy resistance. For only $29, these come out to only $10 per band which is an amazing deal! They also come with their own carrying case which is another added bonus.

 <---- Click this link to shop these resistance bands

#4 Medicine Ball

These are amazing for increasing the intensity of your core workouts, using for squats, or doing medicine ball slams (just in case quarantine is frustrating you haha) These are the same as the dumbbells, chose your desired weight, the higher the weight the higher the price. I recommend a 20 pound, this is good weight. This brand offers a 10 pound for $21.99 to a 35 pound for $44.99.

 <---- Click this link to shop these medicine balls

#5 Stability Ball

Also known as a yoga ball, these can be used for core exercises and working on balance. They are also fun to sit on if you are working from home at a laptop or desktop. Chose between a 65cm and an 85cm ball based on your height (chart in the description). The 65 cm ball is only $24 and the 85cm is only $27. They also have a variety of colors which is fun!

 <---- Click this link to shop this stability ball

Creating your own at home gym doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars or take up a whole room, or garage. These inexpensive and effective pieces of workout equipment will offer you convenience, versatility, and a boost of intensity in your workouts. Have fun sweating!!



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