At Home Gym

Most of us don't have a fancy at home gym down in our basement or in a separate garage. But, we do all have items in our home that can be used to make an at home gym. Who says we have to spend thousands of dollars on workout equipment? If you have a chair, stairs, and a laundry basket. You have an at home gym. With gyms shutting down, it doesn't mean our fitness goals have to suffer. Here are some ways to do exercises using at home items.

#1 A Chair

1) Bulgarian Split Squats

2) Tricep Dips

3) Elevated Pushups

#2 Laundry Basket

1) Toe Taps

2)Burpee to Jump Over Basket

3) Overhead Walking Lunges *Fill basket with laundry*

#3 Stairs

1) Step Jumps

2) Lunge Up Stairs

3) Plank up downs- do these onto the first step

Here's to creating our own at home gyms!


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