Breakdowns Create Breakthroughs

We all go through tough times in life, it's inevitable. There are going to be unforeseen circumstances, curve balls, and trials. But, in these moments is where genuine and true growth comes from. Where our character is tested and our true self is revealed. So, what do breakdowns create for you? Do they create a pitched tent in the valley? Or do they create a determination to climb the mountain?

I know from personal experience, that in my breakdowns they created a breakthrough. They forced me to analyze my actions, work on my mental and emotional side, and created a determination in me to grasp the lesson and use it to fuel my actions. I NEVER want to pitch a tent in the valley. I NEVER want to be stuck. I NEVER want to let a challenge cause me to give up.

When you accept the fact that life happens, but also accept the fact that you CAN control your side of things in regards to emotion, action, and response you can breakthrough. When you STOP trying to control circumstances and others, and start controlling your actions and emotions, that's when the breakthrough occurs.

5 Steps to breakthrough:

1. Look at each situation through a lens of what not why. What can I learn not why is this happening to me?

2. Work on yourself EVERYDAY! Start your mornings with some sort of personal development. Reading, listening to podcasts, journal, etc...

3. Create a strong community around you. Having people around you that will empower and encourage you in your lowest moments are key. Having people stand behind you and people who you can turn to and talk to, will create a feeling of not being alone.

4. Don't pitch your tent. When you find yourself in the valley, do not be complacent with pitching your tent. Instead, look at the mountain ahead and focus on one step at a time.

5. Find an outlet. Find something that is your "go to" therapeutic medium. Whether that is working out, painting, reading, singing, etc... find something that is for YOU.

We get to breakthrough when life breaks down.


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