Comparison Syndrome...

Social media has created a whole platform that is a catalyst for comparison. Whether that is positive or negative is in the eye of the scroller. We have access to viewing millions of peoples "lives" or at least the good parts of their lives at any moment in our day. Too often this becomes a tool of comparison rather than celebration and motivation. I call this the comparison syndrome.

I used to begin my days in a "responsive" mode. This means I used to wake up, shut off my alarm, and immediately open my social media. I would scroll for minutes or sometimes an hour. My day began with a subconscious comparing mindset. I set myself up from the time my eyes opened to recognize what, "I don't have, what I don't look like, what I haven't accomplished, etc..."


A mindset of gratitude, who I was created to be, purpose, what I have done, etc...

So, what have I done to attempt to limit this thought process and become grateful for my life, who I am, and what I have?


This is what I do almost EVERY MORNING!

8am~ Wake up

8am-8:15am~ Make my oats and tea *DM me on instagram (@krew_werk) for recipe*

8:15am-8:30am~ Read my Bible

8:30am-9:30am~ Podcast & Journal ( ) <--- check out Insta post to see my 3 favorites!

9:30am and on~ work, workout, whatever life throws at me

My morning routine has allowed me to not start my day with comparison, but rather filling my cup (both literally and metaphorically lol @ my 2 cups of tea in the AM). Focusing on what I am grateful for, me time, and then when I do go onto social media and interact with others in the "real world" I am able to fill their cup.

Do I still struggle with comparison and are there tough days? OF COURSe! But, honestly, not as much as I used to. Now I am more focused on cheering others on, celebrating their victories, and focusing on what I have been given and what I am grateful for.

I have created a Guy's and Girl's Morning Routine Outline. Here, you can write down times, tasks, and things you are grateful for so you can be reminded of those gratitudes when that pesky comparison syndrome kicks in. If interested in the PDF version DM me (@krew_werk) or email me ( and I will happily send it to you!

Let's cure comparison together!


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