With everything going on, potential quarantine, and social distancing it offers a really cool opportunity to reconnect and reset with one another. A lot of people are panicking when we shouldn't be. I am excited to take time to slow down, do things that I have put off, and simply create memories and fun moments that might not have happened if all of this had not. Below are some fun ideas to try at home!

#1 Indoor Camping

Set up a tent or build a fort, grab some S'mores supplies, and a sleeping bag! You get to create camping in your living room! Since having an actual fire inside might not be the wisest (unless you have a fireplace), I have found an incredible S'mores dip recipe because it's not camping without S'mores! Click link for recipe. (

If you are feeling fancy, hang up some cute string lights to act as the "stars" to add to the effect. Tell some stories like you would around the campfire, play a card game, and have fun! Camping when I was little are some of my fondest memories, and I can not wait to recreate them in my living room.

#2 Create a Vision Board

If you are a dreamer like I am, then this is for you! It is a fun craft that allows you to dream about what you want in your future. This board can include pictures of your future family, house, car, job, etc... whatever you want to accomplish and set as a standard in your future, put it on your board! The sky is the limit! Then take this board and put it somewhere you can see every single day as inspiration and motivation.

#3 Movie Night

I remember my mom used to set up an at home movie theater for us kids. With fake money to buy a ticket, popcorn or candy and she would set up a room in the house like a movie theater. Make it fun, don't simply put on a movie and make some popcorn. Set your home up like an actual movie theater. Create fake money to use to pay. DO THE MOST! Add an ice-cream bar if you are feeling extra. If, you have kids this will be such a fun memory for them, I know it was for me.

#4 Create Your Own Version of Chopped

One of my favorite Food Network shows is "Chopped." Here are the rules for an at home version!

1.Grab a bowl or basket for each person

2.Each person gets to choose one (or two dependent on number of participants) ingredients to place in the bowl/basket

3.Once ingredients are added to each bowl/basket each person gets 20 minutes on the clock to cook.

4.At the end each plate is judged by every participant. To make sure no one rigs the competition each plate will be rated from 1-10 based on: Taste, presentation, and creativity. (Write the numbers on a piece of paper, to keep track).

5. The person with the highest average wins and the lowest average has to do the dishes.

#5 Play a Board Game

This one is self explanatory.

#6 Learn to Dance

I remember one night during college, my four roommates and I at midnight, looked up hip hop videos on YouTube and attempted to learn the dances. It was full of laughter, a great bonding moment, and a memory I will never forget. Grab whoever is in your house or yourself, look up tutorial dance videos, and GO FOR IT! Have fun, be open minded, and don't be afraid to embarrass yourself.

#7 Put Your Phone Away

During this time, it would be really easy to simply be glued to our phones or any type of screen. But, I challenge you to put your phone to the side and talk to each other (SAY WHAAAA???) I know it is a crazy idea, but in the world today we lack human connection due to our crazy schedules and social media. This is an opportunity to be in a room with one another and actually BE IN THE ROOM with one another.

My hope is that you utilize one or all of these ideas and enjoy the slow moments we get to have in life right now. Take advantage of this time and do not look at it as negative but rather shine a positive light on it. If you do one of these activities take a picture of it, post it on social media, and tag me @krew_werk.

Stay healthy and remember REAL IS EMPOWERING.

Love, Kels

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