If You Won't, Who Will?

Too often, we seek the approval of others and we are our own worst critics. We tend to tear ourselves down before we build ourselves up. We desire for other people to believe in us, see our beauty, love us for who we are. The problem is how can we expect others to do this for us, when we can't even do it for ourselves? If we won't, who will?

Let me tell you a little secret... IT STARTS WITHIN! You have to be able to believe in yourself, see your own potential, recognize your own beauty. You have to be your own best hype woman/man! When you are able to believe in yourself first, you then can inspire others to believe in themselves. There are a lot of lies that we are told in our society when it comes to looks as well as success. The standards that have been set on us have broken us down, we have learned to believe in lies before believing in ourselves.

So, how do we shift this thought process? How do we actually believe in us? It starts with small changes and intentional actions. For me on my journey of learning how to create a healthy and positive mindset these are a few things I do...

1) Do not go on social media immediately when you wake up- when we wake up, and right away go on social media we create a responsive life and a comparison based start to our day. We are focused on others lives, what they have, what they look like, etc.. By avoiding the Instagram, Facebook, or whatever it may be we are able to focus on us and our lives to start the day rather than others.

2) Gratitude- Starting your day off with saying or writing out what you are grateful for sets your mind on what you have and starts you off powerfully.

3) Stand in front of the mirror- Some people avoid this, I am learning to embrace it. Here's what I do. I stand and only am allowed to speak positive affirmations to myself. That's it. No negative talk, no noticing of "flaws" Only positive.

4) When negative thoughts approach combat them intentionally- You have to come up with something that works for you and you have to be AWARE of your thoughts. Immediately when these negative thoughts creep in this is when you put the breaks on, and replace with positive ones. It is difficult, and takes time, but it makes a HUGE difference.

5) Celebrate others instead of comparing- When we come from a genuine place of celebrating others we are less likely to compare. We have to start being happy for other people and celebrate them for what they are achieving. We all want to be celebrated, but are we celebrating others?

It's not easy to completely rewire your thoughts about yourself, to become your own hype woman/ man, and to fully believe in yourself. But, if you won't, who will? It starts with YOU.

xoxo Kels

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