Just Start

Beginning your health journey or hopping back on the healthy train, can be exciting but also overwhelming. There are a ton of different diets out there, social media influence, etc... telling you what they do and what to do. First step to starting is JUST START! Don't overthink it. Along the way you will find what works for your body. Here are some basics to beginning and things to be aware of along the way.


Eating healthier is kind of a no brainer. It is a must, but some of us struggle with knowing what is healthy and what might not be. My rule of thumb is whole foods. This means, fresh produce, lean meats, and foods that have limited ingredients. The fewer the ingredients the more pure they are. Look up fun recipes on google or even Pinterest for inspiration.


Make sure to get that movement in! Exercise is something that gets your heart rate up. If you are new to working out, start by taking brisk walks, then advance to running, going to the gym etc... Movement inspires mood, so when we workout we release dopamine (our happy chemical), so afterwards we naturally feel better. Working out is what our bodies deserve, so don't skip out on this.


Too often people lack water intake because we have began to replace it with sugary coffees, juices, soda, etc... On average you want to be drinking at least a gallon of water a day or half your weight in ounces. Water is key to your health. Start your day by immediately drinking a glass of water after you wake up. This will begin to help increase your water and start to replace sugary drinks with water.


Many times we are so fixated on the fact that we want to lose weight over we want to be healthy. You have to listen to your body through the process. We are trying to create a sustainable, balanced, and healthy lifestyle. NOT A QUICK FIX DIET. This means some days you are going to be hungrier, eat more. Some days you are going to not be as hungry, eat less. Listen to and respect your body.


Most think that when they start their health journey they are not allowed to eat any of their favorite foods that they used to. This could be chips, cake, fried foods etc... This is why they often fail at creating that healthy lifestyle. They think it's all or nothing. It isn't that, in fact if you want to create a healthy lifestyle it is balance, enjoying food, and moderation. That is the key to long term success and genuine health.

The main point of this all you JUST START! Your health depends on it. We are solely responsible for our bodies and only ourselves can take care of them. So fill it with good wholesome foods. Exercise and get your sweat on. Drink your water. Enjoy food. Learn as you go. And most importantly JUST START!

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