Real Is Empowering

Too many times in life I have went through my day to day believing that, "I'm not good enough." "My body isn't thin enough." "I'm not smart enough." "I'm not rich enough."


Can I let you in on a little secret that I have found? PEOPLE LIKE REAL PEOPLE! It is amazing that we have created an environment in today's society that portrays only things that are"perfect" (whatever that looks like). Your value is supposed to stem from, how many likes you get, how many followers you have, how much money you earn, what size jeans you wear, how big your muscles are... It's incredible how we live this filtered lifestyle in order to gain acceptance from people who to be honest DON'T REALLY CARE!

Iv'e decided to make it my personal mission to not only shift my own mindset and lifestyle, but to hopefully shift yours too. Odds are I have or someone else has gone through the same struggles you went through, is dealing with the same things you are, but we will never know if we constantly are only worried about how perfect our lives look rather than the realities of life. WELL, I'M READY TO SHARE!

Taking my experiences, my hard learned lessons, and my 23 years of life so far. I hope to tell an empowering story through vlogs and blogs, be real with myself and you, help create healthy lifestyles (mentally and physically), and create a movement that says "Real is Empowering."

So let's be real with one another, let's stop filtering our lives, stop believing the lies that our value comes from materialistic items, and start believing that...




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