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I have a lot of people who struggle with staying on track, remaining committed to the process, or end up losing their motivation. I get it, it's a tough and sometimes defeating process when it comes to being healthy! I've been there and some days I fight it still! We will never be perfect, but continually striving to be better than the day before is key! So, what are some ways I stay on track and how I have now lost 30 pounds, developed a healthy relationship with food, and stay 99% of the time motivated!? Here are some resources I utilize to keep me going strong


This app is a GAME CHANGER!! I track my food in here almost daily. Why? Because when I am aware of what I am actually eating throughout the day it allows me to not over eat. Too often we eat throughout the day more than we actually think we do. This app allows you to quickly add your food, serving size, and tracks your calories. I am aware some people HATE tracking calories, but if you are struggling to lose or gain weight, then this would be a GREAT route to try in order to be intentional with your foods and calories. Obviously if you aren't losing or gaining something isn't working and more often than not it is your food intake. Change and progress takes intentionality and this is a great tool to utilize. You also can invite friends to be in a group on the app and track together. Accountability and doing it with others more often than not will make it fun and keep the motivation going! You also can set macro/ calories goals on here which makes it even nicer for tracking and staying on track!

2. Katy Hearn Fit - Macro Calculator

So you want to use the My Fitness Pal App, but you aren't sure how many calories you should be eating, how many should be protein, how many should be carbohydrates, and how many should be fats. Well, you can either use the complex formula (found in one of my previous posts "How to Boost Your Metabolism") or you can go on and calculate your macros within minutes. I always say think smarter not harder. This macro calculator is simple to use/ understand and darn near 100% accurate when it comes to calculating what you need. Then simply plug those numbers into My Fitness Pal App and get tracking!


I got started on a 12 week transformation challenge, and haven't looked back since! These transformation challenges truly set you up with everything you need to succeed! Workout guides for in home and at gym. Nutrition guide, with recipes, grocery lists, and recipe ideas. The incredible community, which encourages you daily and makes you feel not alone on the journey. These challenges are what keeps me on track, provides structure, and encouragement. Interested in joining our November challenge? Email me or message me and we can chat on how to get you enrolled!

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