The Scale Defines My Value

You are probably confused by the title of this blog post. But, really you shouldn't because I am simply stating what you already think and say to yourself...

Do I have your attention yet?

Societal norms are one of the most detrimental and defeating parts to our health journeys. The scale used to be and on some days is still one of the most challenging mental hurdles I have had to continuously overcome. We have been taught that whatever the number on the scale says, is a direct reflection of the amount of value and beauty that we hold and even how healthy we are. We have been conditioned through social media, our own thoughts, and diet culture that this is how it is.


When we allow the scale, or our pants size, or our clothing size in general to define us as a human and our worth, we will never feel worthy. We continuously will feel defeated and eventually want to give up all together. Here is my first tip.


That's right, either put it somewhere that is not easily accessible or even get rid of it all together. If you are someone who steps on the scale twice a day or even daily, obsessively, and who's mood is directly affected by the number, you need to do this. By getting rid of the scale you focus more on how you feel rather than the number. Here's the crazy part so many of us will feel great, our clothes will fit better, but the scale stays the same and we focus more on that rather then the other factors.

My second tip is: Take progress pictures

Pictures are a great way to track your progress and they are a great visual to show transformation. More often than not we will look into the mirror every single day and never realize the progress we are making. But, take a before picture and then an after picture a few months later, put them side by side, and you will be amazed! This has become one of my favorite ways to track progress and most beneficial.

My third tip is: Focus on how your clothes fit

When your jeans become looser or your shirts fit a little looser these are indicators that you are progressing! Do not be oblivious to these factors, they are victories that should be acknowledged.

My fourth tip is: Focus on how you feel

We can get so caught up in our clothes size or the number on the scale and completely disregard the fact that we FEEL BETTER. We feel like we have more energy, are able to run further, are able to lift more, are able to do things we haven't been able to do in a while or ever, we feel HEALTHIER! Being self-aware of these things are critical to you remaining motivated and being able to recognize your progress.

So, throw away the scale (or at least hide it temporarily)! Don't be so caught up in the numbers and remember that the scale DOESN'T define your value.



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