The "WHY NOT ME?" Mentality.

Ever been afraid to start something? Afraid to do what you are passionate about? Afraid that you might not be good enough, don't know where to begin, fear failure? If any of these apply to you, you have adopted the "why can't I" mentality. You are focused on ALL of the reasons you can't rather than all the reasons you can. This mentality not only holds you back from achieving something, it devalues you as a person. It makes you believe that your gifts and abilities that you have been given, are better left unwrapped. That they are not sufficient, they won't work, they are useless. This mentality is toxic, far from beneficial, and limiting.

But, there is another mentality that is the opposite as well as positive. It is the "Why not me" mentality. It says, why I should do something. Why I can lead. Why I can impact others. Why I should use my gifts and abilities. This mentality spurs us to stop making excuses and start making actions. It fills us with an empowering thought that we ARE able, we ARE valuable, we DO have a purpose, and we CAN do (insert what you are trying to achieve here). It goes against everything that we have been told by society and it begins to set a new standard and belief in our lives, that builds us up instead of tearing us down.

I used to think of all the reasons why someone wouldn't want to follow me or join me. From not having enough likes on a picture, not having flawless skin, not looking like others, not being smart enough, you name it and I can almost guarantee you, I thought it. And not only did I think it, I believed it. You see when you tell yourself something enough times, you begin to believe in those words. And I am a firm believer that we are the hardest on ourselves out of ANYONE! We tear ourselves down more than people on social media or in the world. We are the main reason why, we don't start something, we don't use our gifts, we don't impact. Imagine if you spoke to your friend the way you spoke to yourself. How long would you be friends? I can almost guarantee it would not be long.

So, why do we self-sabotage? Why do we tear ourselves down? Why do focus on the can't instead of the can? Why do we think that if I can't even believe in myself and who I am, and what I am doing, that someone else will? You see it begins with YOU and WITHIN! We HAVE to start saying "Why not me" and stop saying "Why can't I?"

Real is empowering. You are empowering. You just have to believe it.


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